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For those folks who have been learning the unfortunate truth that getting an injury in a car accident is no picnic, our Fort Worth injury law firm is here to help. Many people dream of getting settlements of large dollar amounts from insurance companies but do not realize that in order to obtain such a judgment, you need serious injuries, and that is something that we would not wish on anyone.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a crash? Serious injury can feel like it will ruin your life and for this reason it is important to hire serious injury counsel. If you are represented by an attorney fresh out of law school or simply choose the first attorney you speak with, then you could be forfeiting valuable compensation.

As an example, you could obtain a settlement of $100,000 when hiring an inexperienced law firm only to discover that other plaintiffs in the same case received compensation of 3 times when you received. These are the kinds of costly mistakes that happen when you do not hire a good injury law firm early in the case. Rocky Bixby and I met a few of the West Virginia Guard soldiers when Rocky and I ventured back to Washington D.C. for Senate Democratic Policy Committee hearings in August. I was struck at the time that the stories of representatives of the Indiana and West Virginia Guard were very similar to Rocky Bixby’s story.

As with the cases in Indiana and Oregon, we’ll be following the developments in the West Virginia case.

As reported in The Oregonian, the Pentagon’s inspector general announced yesterday an investigation into U.S. troops exposures to sodium dichromate in Iraq in 2003. Reprint here at the Oregonlive website.  Kudos and appreciation to Julie Sullivan of The Oregonian. She grabbed this story early and hasn’t let go. It’s nice to be reminded of the importance of old-school journalists.

As noted in the linked article, I’m appreciative of our elected officials’ commitment to these issues. It’s a long road ahead for our vets. I’m betting that they will stay engaged.

Here’s why I say that. It’s pure supposition on my part, but I  imagine that Senator Wyden, Senator Merkley, Representative Schrader and state Sen. Shields share my motivation.

I can’t sit quietly and watch another generation of soldiers face the ravages of toxic exposures.  The Agent Orange stain of our Vietnam-era vets taught many of us that we must advocate for our soldiers.  This is especially true of those–like me–who did not serve in the armed forces.

So this is a positive step. We’ll watch and see and hope that the inspector general digs in to this horror. For the present, we’ll simply continue the efforts toward finding justice and protection for our vets and their families. They served and sacrificed. How we respond is a story that is still unfolding. I hope that when the story is written, all of us–the politicians, the lawyers, the journalists, and the citizens–can look back and say that we did our parts for our soldiers. When you hire a law firm, make sure it is the right type of law and the right experienced attorney. For example, you would hire a bankruptcy attorney to file bankruptcy, but not to file a personal injury claim.