Oregon National Guard hexavalent chromium poisoning case moving forward

It’s just underway, and it promises to be a long fight. Even so, I’m proud to be part of the legal team representing Oregon National Guard soldiers exposed to hexavalent chromium at the Qarmat Ali facility in Iraq. The case involves KBR’s responsibility for leaving our soldiers in harm’s way.

The chemical compound is profoundly toxic. It causes all sorts of problems. KBR did nothing to inform Oregon soldiers of the hazards and covered up the danger when a few brave employees tried to blow the whistle.  Still new to this version of WP, so I can’t seem to upload the complaint, but you can find a link to the pdf here, if you are interested.

At this stage, I’m interested in talking to Oregon Gurad members who were at Qarmat Ali in 2003. My contact information should be available at the contact button up on the right.  (Matt is still tweaking things a bit, so it might not be there right when this is published.)

I’ll do my best to update with public information on this blog. Feel free to subscribe if you’re interested in this case.

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